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here birdy birdy by itachihotti18 here birdy birdy :iconitachihotti18:itachihotti18 0 0 The Never Ending Question by itachihotti18
Mature content
The Never Ending Question :iconitachihotti18:itachihotti18 2 3
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Septone: Hide and Seek
Run away
Deep into black forests
Moonbeams shining down
On dark waters
Wind rushing through the trees
No time
And smile
:iconitachihotti18:itachihotti18 0 0
ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM On the Harley by itachihotti18 ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM On the Harley :iconitachihotti18:itachihotti18 0 0 Bro's Fancy Clothes by itachihotti18 Bro's Fancy Clothes :iconitachihotti18:itachihotti18 0 0 haters by itachihotti18 haters :iconitachihotti18:itachihotti18 0 3 Illusion by itachihotti18 Illusion :iconitachihotti18:itachihotti18 0 0 Sasuke Uchiha by itachihotti18 Sasuke Uchiha :iconitachihotti18:itachihotti18 0 0 Naruto Uzumaki by itachihotti18 Naruto Uzumaki :iconitachihotti18:itachihotti18 0 6


Elsa:The queen on fire by RikaMello Elsa:The queen on fire :iconrikamello:RikaMello 12,573 970
I Am Flawed
From body to soul and in between,
They blotch the parchment that is me;
I know of worse flaws I have seen,
But surely
I am flawed.
I sometimes lose my temper,
Use my mouth before my mind;
I ponder things I could do better,
And regret them for a time.
I can be harsh, I can be blunt,
I tend to hide my thoughts;
But this is far from what I want:
To be in someone's heart.
Comparisons are hard to make
Since we are all unique.
But half the time my words are fake;
The real me is a freak.
These flaws define me, describe me—
They make me what I am.
In that light, I'm proud to say that
:iconscarletdevil1503:ScarletDevil1503 557 203
I Found You Broken
I found you broken,
Crumbled, laying upon the steps of life.
I wanted nothing more than to help you back up.
You had fallen from so high so long before.
I'd give my soul to carry you back up.
But no matter how hard I try,
I can't budge or lift you up till you decide,
To stand by yourself,
Change yourself.
And when you do, I swear I'll be back right here.
But do you mind,
If I,
Just sit and wait with you a while?
While we both have the time.
:iconsingmyheartout4you:singmyheartout4you 210 73
Succubus - 02 by aditya777 Succubus - 02 :iconaditya777:aditya777 4,406 80 Secret. 12806 by DeviantArtSecret
Mature content
Secret. 12806 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 548 0
Secret. 3977 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 3977 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 1,159 187 Lady-WIP by Elentori Lady-WIP :iconelentori:Elentori 1,434 64 Pewdiepie - Stephano by RadioMomo Pewdiepie - Stephano :iconradiomomo:RadioMomo 6,107 909
Why I cry
I like to cry myself to sleep at night.
I cry for my cat who was run over.
I cry for my father who left me.
I cry for the friends I have lost.
And I cry for the bullies who push me in the halls.
I cry for me, myself, and I.
I cry for the body that I don't have.
And I cry because I'm not happy.
I cry for my broken family.
I cry for lost love.
And I cry for the unwanted.
I cry for the people death has taken from me.
Every night my pillow soaks,
gathering the tears that I shed.
By morning they are gone
and no one knows I cried myself to sleep.
:iconoilux:Oilux 345 195
19 Years Old
I was just nineteen years old
When I cut myself in two
The boy I wanted them to see
And the boy they never knew
Hid my hollow bones away
I've been hiding ever since
Yes, you may see the odd smile
But only ever a glimpse
But my heart was never broken
It was born in several pieces
And with every passing year
The size of the segments decreases
I was just nineteen years old
When I died for the first time
I did not cope so well
With leaving my childhood behind
I didn't want to face up
To these wretched bent back blues
But will I give in to the struggle?
No, with respect I refuse
See my grandfather gave me
The stubborn heart of an ox
I will die before I collapse
A coward I am not
:iconcloudnumber8:CloudNumber8 2,666 1,072
Carnevale by tarantellino Carnevale :icontarantellino:tarantellino 2,648 425
I remember sleeping in the bed we shared.
Was it wrong?
I remember him always holding me in his arms.
Isn't that what you do with those you love?
I remember mom finding out.
Why did she cry so much?
I remember him looking away.
Couldn't he meet her gaze?
I remember asking him if something was wrong.
Had we done something bad?
I remember him wrapping his arms around me.
Wasn't it supposed to feel this way?
I remember him keeping his voice soft and quiet.
Did he whisper so as not to let mom hear?
I remember him saying he had to leave.
Where did he have to go?
I remember saying goodbye.
Were those tears for me?
I remember not seeing him for years.
What kept him away?
I remember seeing him again.
When did he grow so much?
I remember feeling tears slip down my face.
There were still tears left?
I remember running to him.
He didn't forget me?
I remember feeling his arms around me.
Is it the same as before?
I remember a passionate, dominating kiss.
Something new?
I remember a promise.
:iconkiagoutomb:KiagouTomb 744 763
Draw with Me :Video: :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 58,669 11,224
'You don't believe in Jesus?'
'What can you believe in?'
'I'm Hellenic polytheist'
'I believe in the Greek Gods'
'Zeus…. Aphrodite…. Athena…'
'How can you not believe in Jesus?'
'I just don't'
'Its not real'
'Those are just myths'
'And what do you think Christianity is?'
'The truth'
'My gods are real to me'
'They aren't real'
'Dude, are you serious? Religion is based on faith.'
'Not this, Jesus is real.'
'No Christianity is based on the faith and trust that Jesus was real. Show me one piece of evidence that Jesus lived.'
'That's what I thought.'
:iconoilux:Oilux 1,443 3,530
Hairdo Pillow by elsevilla Hairdo Pillow :iconelsevilla:elsevilla 6,427 202



United States
Other than Sasuke, I'm the only person that can make Itachi laugh.

Current Residence: Hell
Favourite genre of music: metal, rock, and japanese music
Favourite photographer: Many people
Favourite style of art: Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Animal from the muppets and Gir
Personal Quote: Happy thoughts
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
I know its a bit silly getting all upset about something so small, so I wanted to find out if  I was the only one.

So I've had a pet catfish for a couple of months now, and all hes ever done is lay at the back of the tank. I personally have never seen a fish lay down on the bottom of a tank before( and yes, he's alive because he swims up to get his food). So I havent been able to get the new tank filter until this weekend and when i checked on him he wan't looking too good.

He is laying at a really wierd angle and isn't acting the same, like he is dying. I really don't want this to happen because to me, even little fish are members of my family. I really don't know how I will take it if I wake up next morning and find out that he passed away while I was sleeping. I know that I can always get another fish, but thats not really the point. Fish die all the time, even if you take care of them. But it doesn't make it any easier to lose one. To me its like losing a cat or a dog. They had personalities and they were completely unique.

I hope that he makes it throught the weekend. :tears:


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